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The do not breach any privacy policy of its visitors and none of the information is stored by the website from its visitors. When a person visit a website the common information like IP address of the person, device which is being used, browser, Geographical location, email ID and Phone number extra can be gathered by the website from the visitors. But we do not involve in any such task and keep the best security of our visitors. The main purpose of gathering this data from people is to use it for email marketing and customized marketing goals but Localika do not involve in such marketing tactics that breach the privacy policy. We do not show interest in storing the data of our visitors and completely comply with GAAR rules and regulations.

In 2020 government brings a regulation for securing the privacy rights of people regarding data that websites can collect from their visitors. E-commerce sites particularly used to gather the personal information about their customers for marketing goals. But in the year of 2020 GAAR that is General Anti-data avoidance rules came into existence which put a bar on the websites to collect any personal information from their visitors without the consent. As a result of which websites have to cite a privacy policy which includes whether the given site collect visitor’s personal information for different reasons or not and have to seek the consent of the people to do so.

The passwords, photos and other personal content like card number of your credit and debit card etc. is also not stored by the and you can feel free for your privacy concerns and we are very much conscious to ensure the best online security to our visitors. From your name to contact number and email address everything is totally secure with us and we do not sell data of the visitors to any hand in return of few bucks.

The is very sensitive towards securing the data of its visitors with utmost security so that people do not feel shaky and concerned for their security. We make every single effort to ensure that your data is not stored to our site and you can have a hectic free browsing through the site. So when you connect with us you need not to worry about your personal information as it is in the safest hands. Those who are in a state of limbo whether to subscribe for newsletter from with a fear to share their email ID can completely rely on us as we give complete security to your data whatever you are sharing with us and the data is neither stored not shared by the website to any inappropriate hands to cause you harm in any manner.

We strictly follow the government regulations as per GAAR and never dare to go beyond it and saving the data of our visitors in order to trouble them for the reasons of security to personal data.